Satellite is a thriller novel. This one takes place in the near future, and features space elevators, space hotels, and a lot of bad stuff happening to good people. Don't worry the characters all survive. Or do they...  click here to find out.

Humankind’s first interstellar spacecraft is set to launch, and ex-NYPD detective Brad Dakota is working security. But mere hours before the Pioneer Prime embarks on its maiden voyage, chaos hits. CIVA, a radical faction determined to restore power from the elite few to the common many, hijacks the Artemis, a moon-based hotel owned by the world’s richest man. Their demands – 25 coveted spots aboard the Pioneer Prime.

Far above Earth, the CIVA terrorists have rigged the Moon to blow. Spies have infiltrated every faction of worldwide space security and research organizations. Assassins are enlisted to make sure things stay under control on Earth. And the world’s richest man is not cooperating with authorities.

When it comes to outer space, no conspiracy is too large. Brad Dakota must figure out who the true players are before it’s too late.