Flash is my newest thriller. It's a psychology thriller, and will be so mind-bending you're going to need to eat out of a straw for a week. If anyone can guess the head-exploding twist before they finish the book, I'll give you a pat on the back. But, there's no way you'll guess it because it's so cleverly disguised, so...no pats for you. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't try to guess anyway, which means you'll have to buy and then read the book by clicking EXACTLY......here.

Dale’s Sunday started poorly. He woke with no memory of the past ten years, and cops came to arrest him for a triple murder he couldn’t recall committing.

But murder isn’t Dale’s biggest problem. The clocks have slowed to a crawl. The newspaper predicts the future. And the town sheriff wants him dead almost as much as the judge does.  

He forms an unlikely alliance with a police officer who breaks him out of jail, and is more convinced of his innocence than Dale himself. Together they work to uncover secrets of his past, only to expose a shocking and inescapable reality – Dale’s situation isn’t as dangerous as it seems.

It’s deadlier.