I'VE ALWAYS HAD  a talent for drawing, sketching...doodling.  I took a couple of art electives during high school, but my main masterpieces were created when doodling in class, and then subsequently thrown in the trash when the bell rang.  I knew that I had talent, but I have a very technical mindset, so if it didn't make gears move, pulleys lift, or money to flow into my bank account, I dismissed it.  In college, the art side of things went entirely dormant.  i didn't even doodle, because if I wasn't going to do anything important in class, I just didn't even go.  

MY LIFESTYLE really slowed down after college, and I found myself finding new things to do as hobbies.  I started mountain biking, golfing, hiking, and skiing.   Leading up to the X-Mas of 2013, I was trying to figure out what to get my parents for a gift.  They kept insisting not to buy them anything expensive, so I decided to create something.  I remembered that I was good at doodling in high school, so I thought I'd try painting (makes sense, right?).  After buying the supplies needed to paint, I realized that my parents "cheap" present wasn't so cheap after all.  Now what to paint?  A leaf?  An elephant?  A babbling brook?  The answer smacked me in the face.  I fired up google and tried to find examples of others creating what I wanted to.    Why  wasn't anyone else doing this??

I'VE BEEN OBSESSED with science, technology, and outer space since I was young.  I poured over popular science forums, and wikipedia'd every theoretical form of space propulsion method out there.  I wished so bad for one of those technologies to be developed and cost reduced so that I could one day peer through my window directly at the stars.  I still wish for this.  I can't stop staring at the night stars.  it's an addiction.    I REALIZED THAT I can make a painting of what I dream about, and construct onto canvas what I crave in real life.  I can share this with the world, with anyone who shares my love for the universe.  Anyone who would like to join me is more than welcome!

Like what you see? Email me at eric@ericahrweiler.com for a quote.

Original paintings and digital pieces can be contracted out for completion

Replicas and prints can be shipped

It is my opinion that our universe is the most beautiful thing in existence, not just aesthetically, but physically as well.  I look at pictures taken by the hubble space telescope and wish with all my heart that I could be out there looking at these things up close and personal.  

When creating these paintings, I'm not just creating ahrt, I'm trying to spark a connection to link you to the stars, so you forget about reality and immerse yourself in the great beyond.  After looking at a painting of a pretty mountain or a fantastic sunset, I can get in the car and drive and find a similar mountain, or a similar sunset.  These images, although striking in their own regard, are possible to view up close.  

I've always enjoyed viewing space images, because it piques my imagination, and has a seductive hint of secrecy.  We cannot simply hop in the car and visit a nebula.  It's my goal to share this feeling with you, through my Stahrgazer gallery below.



Digital Art