Intelligence is my first novel, and one of my favorites. I think this is an important book to read, because one of the characters turns out to be a pretty awesome person who shows up in a bunch of my other books.  

I wrote Intelligence because I simply could not get the plot idea out of my head. I thought it would make a great movie, so I wrote a book.  Makes sense right? Of course, if any one of the thousands of Hollywood producers that visit this site wants to make Intelligence into a movie, I'll be happy to work with you. In fact, just to make sure you get a good idea of what special effects you'll need to use, you should probably buy the book by clicking right here.

Ten years removed from a failed lab experiment which derailed his research career, Dr. James Tenbrook is approached by a government agent, Silas Blackthorne, who is in urgent need of James' services.

Suddenly, James finds himself trapped in a mysterious struggle between man and machine. James travels deep within the secretive SCARTA agency, ruled by Director Casi Vomisa, who has technological directives that she will go to great lengths to accomplish.

Agent Silas Blackthorne is Casi's right-hand man, and escorts James through crucial SCARTA missions, while trying to suppress the constant onslaught of the Eagle Force.

Eagle Force, a covert military unit hell-bent on destroying SCARTA, operates under the command of General Luther Reid, who is convinced he's attacking an underground terrorist organization.

SCARTA was built around secrets so devastating they would shake the very pillars of society if uncovered. In a race against the deadly Eagle Force, the barrier between man and machine is lowered, and James must choose one side or the other in a decision that could affect the entirety of mankind forever.