Inner Ring is the second book in 'Intercept', my epic trilogy space saga. To refresh your memory, this book is about an alien empire invading the Milky Way to suck us dry of all matter and energy. I won't give away what happens in the first book, Frontline, but hint hint, the aliens are still here and they're still trying to take over the galaxy. In Inner Ring the suspense gets tighter, the betrayals nastier, and the love triangles steamier. Click here to find out all about it. 

The Slayers are back.

UCOM delayed the invading attack by more than a century in hopes of victory. But hope is scarce in the Milky Way at this stage in the war. UCOM likely just delayed their own defeat.

Battle rages. The Destineer religious zealots join hands with the Slarebull and recruit UCOM deserters by the millions. UCOM sends a handful of stealth scouts behind enemy lines. The Slayers superior navy sends not just scouts in return, but destroyers.

The installations are ready for alignment, the galaxy ready to be stripped of its energy, materials, and life.

The Slayers didn’t enjoy being stung by UCOM during the Frontline. This time they brought something new to their next target.

A superweapon of unmatched strength approaches the Inner Ring.