• Eric spoke at his high school graduation. His college wasn't as generous.

At 26, Eric's looking to change the face of science fiction. He pumps robots full of adrenaline. He fuels space ships with suspense. He shrouds planets in secrecy.

Eric writes thrillers that wear a 'science fiction' name tag. If not for the laws of physics, Ahrweiler's book's would move faster than the speed of light.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Eric has his roots in Easton, but his eyes are pointed upward. Earthlings reach for the sky. Ahrweiler's stories reach for the stars.

Who is this guy?

  • Eric has been skydiving. He then wrote a skydiving scene in 'Intelligence'. (not while skydiving)
  • Eric won 1st place in the South Carolina Trident fishing tournament with his bluefish, almost breaking the state record. It was his first and only ocean fish. Lucky guy.
  • Eric once bowled a 208. He passed on a promising career as a bowler to pursue writing.

Eric Ahrweiler


​Lives in Easton, PA

This is where my imagination comes into play. There are no limits to what types of scenarios could happen in the inky depths of space. Ideas pop into my head constantly.  I mean every 30 minutes or so. Anything could be a story. Anything!

Okay, so I have stories pop into my head, so what. Why write them down?  This is a very interesting question, because at first I didn't. I sat with these ideas in my head since I was a child, and only wrote my first one down as an adult. In fact, I wasn't even going to write a novel, I was going to write a screenplay and try to get Hollywood to make it into a movie. Thankfully, I decided that perhaps if I wrote a novel, it could get adapted into a movie! Ever since I typed my first chapter, I knew that this is what I was made for.

I get downright excited to write. You can do anything you want with a story. Zero rules apply. I view writing as a form of art. There's something very indescribable about the methods behind drawing your readers into the plot, making them connect with the characters involved, and then sending them through an emotional whirlpool as the hero is sent through the ringer during his efforts to save the day.

I like writing because I can copy myself onto paper. I can share my thoughts with the world.  When I'm long gone, either into the earth or into the stars, my stories will be left behind.

Hmm. So who am I?  Why do I do what I do? Where do I find my passion?

There are components to me that are integral to my creativity and my abilities. The first is that I'm curious.  I'm so curious that it drives me crazy.  The second is that I have an vivid imagination. 

I look all over the place and marvel at things that are working because of some understanding of physics, or some clever engineering design. I look at the sky and wonder for hours what's up past our atmosphere. What lives beyond our solar system. What lurks outside our galaxy.

That's my curious side. There's another guy right next to the curious guy - the vivid imagination guy.  Many of the questions I ask myself have no known answer. Our most brilliant scientists simply don't know the answers to a vast number of questions.

So my vivid imagination takes over.  Instead of trying to figure out what DID happen, I ask myself what COULD happen?

What possibly could happen if we settled on Mars? What could happen if we left the solar system? What could happen if we left the galaxy?  What could happen if a scientist developed a machine that could outsmart a human?