Defending Earth

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I'm Eric Ahrweiler, and I write books. I also make art. I've completed five novels - Intelligence, Intercept Books 1&2, Satellite, and Flash.  You can see the covers to the right, which link to individual pages for some more description.  In order for me to afford the food necessary for the energy to write more novels, you should buy those right now on Amazon. Go ahead and click the link. Leave a review afterwards too once you finish reading it (potentially overnight since they are page turners).

I'm working on Intercept Book 3: Defending Earth, and a standalone continuation of the 'Intelligence' story called 'Shadow'.  I know you're very eager to read them, but you have to wait until I'm finished making them to buy them on Amazon. I'll keep you posted. 

I'll have children's stories for your kids soon too. I've written four, and am currently in the process of illustrating.



Inner Ring